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Linux & Windows Servers Backup Software

The best ready-made and easy-to-use automatic backup software for macOS/OSX, Linux and Windows operating systems available on the market is Duplicati 2.0, which has been well developed and refined over the last few years. However, nothing stops you from using Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive applications, which synchronize files between the computer and the server in real time.

Android Backup Software

When it comes to Android devices, they already have built-in solutions for backing up data to Google Drive accounts. For OneDrive, just download the application from the Play Store. Of course, the built-in copy of Android -> Google Drive data is not perfect, because we do not physically have access to these files, and the copy is one-time. Instead, we recommend the interesting "Sync - Backup and Restore" application, thanks to which we can properly configure our backup, e.g. create a backup schedule every week and save files in separate dated folders. We can also restore everything back to the phone with one click. With this application we can make a copy from an Android phone/tablet/TV to OneDrive, FTP and Google Drive.

iOS Backup Software

Official applications from Google Drive and OneDrive are also available for iOS systems. However, we recommend another application thanks to which the copy will always be up to date. It is AppToCloud - Copy to cloud. This application allows for real-time synchronization, and restoring data is also very simple. Using the application is intuitive and very simple, which cannot be said about well-configured applications such as Google Drive for iOS or Microsoft OneDrive for iOS. Typically, these official applications do not offer any additional configuration options, and moreover, these applications do not always work as they should.

Cheap Google Drive accounts lifetime

We offer cheap Google Drive accounts with 100GB, 500GB, 1TB or 10TB disk space and a guarantee of lifetime access to the account, without any risk of blocking or deletion.

Cheap OneDrive accounts lifetime

Really cheap OneDrive accounts with 1TB of space for each account, no transfer limits and no access restrictions via external API. Thanks to this, you can make backups from servers, computers, phones, tablets and other devices. Microsoft OneDrive accounts are very secure, have 1TB of storage space and cost just €5 per account!